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Jordan Peele's"Us" rewrite

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Jordan Peele's, "Us" has concurred millions, while also causing quite the controversy. While millions loved it, there were millions who weren't as satisfied. Some were expecting a much more spooky/ghostly approach, opposed to the mind boggling psyc thriller they'd gotten. Jordan did an amazing job with the film and I send a HUGE congratulations to him and the actors! 


I decided to rewrite his film into a 10 page short TERRIFYING story. I wanted to deliver what I was expecting. Fasten your seat belts. I've kept the same character, but completely revamped the story and removed the humor. I wanted to be "spooked" and I was not. Let me spook you. Enjoy


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Ray and Viv tried to go all in for their 2nd wedding anniversary, but purchasing this new dream house of theirs may have been the worst decision either of them have made. They are seeing, hearing, and experiencing unexplainable occurances that no one ever saw coming. Even after they've moved, they can't escape this historical grasp! It may sound like your classic scary story, but there's a twist no one has written yet!

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